The Doolittle Family

These were the ancestors of my great grandmother's family on my father's side.

There are actually two lines of the Doolittle family represented here. both originating from Abraham Doolittle of Wallingford, Connecticut  and his son and both extending to Abigail Amelia Doolittle, my great grandmother.

This is the Doolittle Family  story,
 as I know it.

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Doolittle Family Roots

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 In England

An Abraham Doolittle was christened 20 Aug 1620 at St. Mary All Saints Church, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, son of Edward Doolittle and Elizabeth (likely Baker)

The primary case for Abraham of Connecticut being Abraham baptized in Kidderminster, is:
1.The family of Edward & Elizabeth (likely Baker) Doolittle baptize a number of children including brothers Abraham and John.
2.John Doolittle names Abraham his brother in the former's will.Citation needed
3.No further record of John and Abraham Doolittle of Kidderminster have been found in England (thereby assuming they emigrated).
4.The birth years make sense for the John and Abraham in New England.
There is no proof that he was baptized by Rev. John Davenport, nor that he was raised under strict puritan teachings.

Biographical Review[3] incorrectly claims that Abraham Doolittle was the son of Sir Archibald Clark, Laird of Doolittle, of County Midlothian, Scotland, who was descended from Sir Alamus Clark, of Comrie Castle, in 1349. The Laird of Doolittle was Assistant Secretary to James I of England.


New England Facts

The ship Mayflower arrived and discharged its passengers at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620, the place of the first New England settlement. In 1630 the town of Boston was founded, providing an excellent harbor. It grew rapidly.


1st Generation
Abraham Doolittle (1620-1690) & Joan Allen (1617-1659)

Abraham Doolittle was christened 20 Aug 1620 at St. Mary All Saints Church, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, son of Edward Doolittle and Elizabeth (likely Baker). Joan was born about 1617 in Kempston County, Bedford England. The name of the ship or date of arrival in America is unknown but they were in Boston as early as 1640. Glowing descriptions of the fertile valley of the Connecticut were attracting many settlers... Abraham and his wife removed to New Haven before 1642. In a division of land at this village in 1643, his name with nine others is mentioned, each of whom was "to have 1-1/2 acre in ye first devissions within ye two mile." ... in 1644 he was... made its chief executive officer when scarcely 25 years old.  He also served many consecutive years as a selectman; he was chosen 7 times as a deputy from New Haven to the General Assembly at Hartford, Connecticut.

Abraham may have been the first white man to explore the forests beyond the Quinnipoac River where the family setteled. This new settlement was named Wallingford. He was very active in public matters. In 1671 he was chosen Treasurer of Wallingford; 1672 a member of a committee for approbation of planters to be admitted; 1672 member of committee to adjust boundary between Wallingford and New Haven; 1673 he was made surveyor of highways; 1673 made sergeant of the “first trainee band”; 1674-75 selectman; 1675 he was on a committee to found first church (Congregational) in the village, later he was selected to superintend the construction; 1675 he was a member of the Vigilance Committee of King Phillip’s War – he was selected along with another man by the town to take care of the town’s stock of powder, lead and other ammunition; in 1677 he was chosen to oversee the work on a mill dam; in 1679 he was chosen one of the Deputies to the General Court; he also served in 1679 as a selectman and was on a committee to lay out a highway; in 1681 he was again sent to General Court as deputy; in 1683 he was elected ‘Sealer of Leather”; in 1684, 1685 and 1687 he was chosen selectman and in 1685 deputy.

In about 1641 he married Joan Alen, daughter of James Alling and Margeret Coppin formerly of Kempston, Bedfordshire, England. Children were Sarah; Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary who. perhaps died young, and John, The four were baptized 26 Apr. 1657. Then came Abigail, baptized. 22 May 1659,  who died. young.  His wife Joan also died in 1659.

On 02 Jul 1663 Abraham married Abigail Moss, daughter of John Moss and Abigail Charles Robert Branscomler Rositor who were originally from Catharidge Paris, Wiltshire, England but then living in New Haven.  The children of Abraham and Abigail were; Samuel, Joseph, Abigail (again), Ebenezer, Daniel, beside two daughters (perhaps), and certain. Theophilus. 

Abraham and Abigail's first son Samuel, born July 7, 1665 was the  5th great grandfather of the famous General Jimmy Doolittle.

Abraham died 11 Aug. 1690. In his will he names his wife, Abigail, the seven sons. and three daughters. Sarah Ebenatha, Elizabeth Brockett, and Abigail, unmarried. Abigail died November 5, 1710.

 In the early years the family name was Dowlittle. The name became common at Wallingford. There is a well written and detailed story of this family taken from the database. See Abraham Doolittle.

2nd Generation
Abraham Doolittle (1649-1732)
 & Mercy Holt (1649-1688 )
Abraham Doolittle, son of Abraham and Joan, was born in in New Haven on February 12, 1649. Mercy Holt, daughter of William and Sarah, had been born in 1649 also in New Haven. Her parents, William and Sarah had been born in England.  They came to America and lived in New Haven, Connecticut. Part of William’s original lot was sold in 1771 to Benedict Arnold, in 1798 Noah Webster lived on this property. About 1675 William and Sarah moved to Wallingford, Connecticut.

Abraham and Sarah both moved to Wallingford with their families. Abraham was elected constable in 1672 The two were married in Wallingford on November 9, 1680.  Between 1681 and 1684 they had 4 children, John, Sarah, Susanna and Abraham.  Mercy died in about 1688.

On the 12th of February, 1689, Abraham married Ruth Royce Lathrop. She was believed to have been born about 1645.  Ruth's parents,  Robert Royce and Mary Sims were originally from Summerset, England. She had been married to John Lathrop with whom she had 8 children and was widowed. Abraham and Ruth had no children. she died 26 Aug 1688.

Abraham then married Elizabeth Thorp on June 5, 1695. He was 46 and she was 27. Elizabeth, born on February 12, 1688 was the daughter of  Samuel Thorp and Mary Benton of New Haven. Her grandparents are believed to have been born in England.
Abraham and Elizabeth had 6 children between 1696 and 1710; Thorp, Samuel, Joseph, Elizabeth, Thomas, and Lydia.

Abraham died at the age of 83 in Wallingford on November 10 1732 followed by Elizabeth on August 29, 1736.
3rd Generation
We follow two lines of the family from this point to generation 7.
They are all our ancestors
John Doolittle (1681-1746)
 Mary Frederick's (1685-1747)
Abraham Doolittle (1684-1770)
Mary Lewis (1689-1749)
John Doolittle, first son of Abraham and Mercy was born on August 13, 1681. On February 28 of 1705 he married Mary Fredericks, born in New Haven on July 22, 1685 to William Fredericks and Mary Tuttle.
John, a Wallingford farmer, was a member of the Connecticut militia. He served in King Phillip's War (1675-76) against an Algonquin Indian alliance of Nipmucks, Wampanoags, Pocumtucks, Squakheags, Norwottucks, Agawams, and Narragansetts. These were New England tribes who lived among and between the scattered colonial settlements. There were many massacres and atrocities on both sides. The Indians' goal was to destroy Boston itself and drive all Europeans out of New England. A complete English victory meant that those settlers living inside the disjointed colonial farming frontier in southern New England and those in the larger towns along the coast like Boston, Providence, and New Haven, were safe from Indian attacks. It would be more than 100 years before all Indian/pioneer conflicts in New England ceased.

John and Mary's peers of the same age were still Puritans, but they were more up-beat than their soul-searching parents and grandparents. As the first mostly American-born generation, they were trending toward secular optimism. They wanted to build a new, stable, rational, economically-viable society rather just separate themselves from unbelievers and outsiders. They were more interested in hard work than spiritual revelations. Their new emphasis on "good works" resulted in more public service and civic improvements. As witnessed by John's service in King Phillip's war, they were also America's first generation of veterans, rewarded with land warrants and praise.

John and Mary had 12 children between 1705 and 1732 ;  Benjamin, Susannah, Eunice,  John, Phoebe, Frederickt, Obed,  Nathan, Mary, Keziah, and patience. John died at the age of 65 in November of 1746 and Mary followed in death the following year. 
Abraham Doolittle, fourth son of Abraham and Mercy was born on March 27, 1684.  He married, date unknown, Mary Lewis, daughter of  Ebenezer Lewis and Elizabeth Merriman of  New Haven. Mary was born in 1689 and was the great granddaughter of William Lewis, the patriarch of the Lewis clan in America. He was one of the earliest arrivals having landed in Boston from the ship "Lion" on September 16, 1632. He was also one of the founding settlers of Hartford in October of 1635 and distinguished himself in service to his community.

Abraham and Mary had 12 children between 1711 and 1730; Hezekiah, Josiah, Zebulon, Charles, Mercy, Ambrose, Nathan, Mary, Abraham, Sarah, Thankful, and Deliverance. Mary died sometime after the birth of the last child.

On 12 Mar 1733 Abraham married Michiel Chapman. We know nothing of her or her parents. Sh presumably died some time before 1750.

In 1750 Abraham married a woman named Sarah and we know even less about her.

There were no children from the last two marriages and Abraham died on November 10, 1770.

For Mary Lewis' family see the Lewis Family

4th Generation
1st Cousins
John Doolittle (1712-1747)
Hannah Royce (1720-1797)
Ambrose Doolittle (1719-1793)
Martha Munson (1729-1811)
John Doolittle, the 4th child of  John and Mary, was born on the 13th of August in 1681. On October 16, 1737 he married Hannah Royce, born May 15, 1720, the daughter of Nehemiah Royce and Kezia Hall.

They lived all their lives in Wallingford, Connecticut and their five children born between 1738 and 1746. They were; Philemon, Margery, Eunice, Hannah and Titus.

John died in November of 1747 and Hannah on November 30, 1797.

For Hannah's  family see Royce Family
Ambrose Doolittle, the 1st child of  Abraham and Mary, was born on November 25, 1719. He married Martha Munson who was born April 2, 1729 to William Munson and Rebecca Curtis. Both her parents had roots in early Connecticut and England.

Between 1747 1772  Ambrose and Martha were the parents of 13 children;  Lois, Ambrose, Amos, Martha, Eunice, Abner, Samuel, Silas, Ruben, Loly, Mary Ann, Elakim and Thankful.

In 1776, Ambrose was a Private in Capt. Bunnell’s Company of Connecticut in the Revolutionary War.

Ambrose died on September 25, 1793 and Martha on October 19, 1811.
Generation 5
2nd Cousins
Philemon Doolittle (1738-1757)
Lydia Hall (1738-?)
Eunice Doolittle (1758-1846)
Joseph Morgan (1758-1831)

Philemon Doolittle was the first child of John and Hannah, born September 1, 1738. At the age of 9 when Philemon’s father died, Solomon Royce was made his guardian. On January 5, 1757 he married Lydia Hall who was born on June 9, 1738, the daughter of  Caleb Hall and Ester Humphrevile. For information on the her ancestry see the Hall Family.

 Philemon and Lydia settled first in Wallingford, Connecticut. In 1771 they moved to Blanford, Massachusetts and in 1795 to Western New York. He was listed as Reverend and so must have been a preacher or minister. There were 10 children born between 1759 and 1779;  Phebe, Kezia, Lydia, Hannah, Patience, John Frederick, Rice, Jared, Rhoda and Jesse.

The dates of death for Philemon and Lydia are unknown. For Information on the Hall & Curtis families and more see Lydia Hall Pedigree chart.

Eunice, the 5the child of Ambrose and Martha, was born on June 21, 1758. On November 25, 1779 she married Joseph Morgan, born December 19, 1758. See Morgan Family

Their 11 children, born between 1780 and 1803, include; Elab, Elizabeth, Lorana, Eunice, Lowly, Lucinda, Joseph, Sally, Freelove, Samuel, and Elakim.

At least one of their children was born in Vermont so it can be assumed that they lived there for a time.

Joseph died on September 29, 1831 and Eunice on August 8, 1846.

Generation 6
3nd Cousins
Jared Doolittle (1771-1847)
Abigail Bullen (1773-1847)
Sally Morgan (1795-1886)
Alba Dean (1793-1889)

Jared Doolittle was the 8th child of Philemon and Lydia and was born February 19, 1771 in Blanford, Massachusetts.

On December 31, 1795 he married Abigail Bullen who had been born in New York on September 13, 1773. For information see the Bullen Family

The family resided in western New York and between 1796 and 1812 had 11 children; David, Lydia, Reubin, Chauncy Buttler, Seth, John B, Alfred W, and Mary Ann.

Abigail died on May 12, 1847 and Jared followed closely in Blanford, Massachusetts on September 26, 1847.

The Royal connection.
Abigail Bullen provides the link from Royalty that extends to Charles Butler Doolittle and his descendants, via Jennie Marcia Thayer to Alden J Copelanrd.

Sally Morgan, the 8th child of Joseph and Eunice, was born in Vermont on  February 18, 1795.

She married Alba Dean in 1806. He was born in Oswego, New York in 1793. His father was from Scotland but nothing else is know of his family.

The family apparently lived in Vohey, New York and between 1820 and 1838 had 8 children; Delight A, Cordilia, Lewis M, Munson Doolittle, Harriet, Lurancy, Martha,  and Amelia,

Alba died in 1869. Sally died in Elmira, New York on February 14, 1886.
Generation 7
4th Cousins
Chauncey Butler Doolittle (1803-1863)
Delight A Dean (1820-1897)

Chauncey Butler Doolittle, the 4th child of Jared and Abigail, was born on March 23, 1803 on Oswego, New York.  In about 1842 he married his 4th cousin, Delight A Dean,  the 1st child of Alba and Sally. Delight had been born in Volney, New York in 1820.

Also see The Dean/Chamberlin  Family Line for more of Delight Dean's heritage.

 They settled in new Haven, New York then Oswego, New York. Chauncey was in the dairy business and gardening on a large scale. There were 5 children born between 1843 and 1854. They were; Cordlia, Frances, Lewis Garison, Abigail Amelia, and Helen Delight.

Chauncey died in New Haven, NY on Christmas in 1863.  Delight spent her last days in Cleveland with her daughter Abbie. She died on July 5, 1897 and was buried in Sandy Creek, New York. Mr. Thomas Lies, who conducted Delight’s funeral services, gave high tribute to her character and dwelt on her sympathy and cooperation in the abolition cause.

This line continues with the marriage of Chauncey and Delight's 4th child Abigail, to Oscar Thayer. You can follow it at:
Oscar James Thayer (1840-1879) & Abigail Amelia Doolittle (1851-1926)

The Doolittle family line is just one of many that has contributed DNA, genes and inspiration to the new generations of this huge family. Of course every family is huge but we are fortunate to know much of our genealogy, thanks to my Copeland and Packard siblings and all the research done by them.

See the Doolittle line complete with American History. But the entire story is not in that chart. For that see the line to Delight Dean

For the Family tree  of this line, see Abigail Amelia Doolittle Pedigree Tree.