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The Mingling of Family Lines

My father's family includes the names Copeland and Thayer.

My Mother's family includes the Packard name.

We also find that in colonial America these three families intermarried with each other and with the family of John Alden.

This is as much of the story as we know.

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The Mingling of Family Lines

The Families

It all started with John Alden (1599-1687) and Pricilla Mullins (1602-?) who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. These were my 7th great-grandparents on my father's side via the Copeland ancestry.

Then Samuel Packard (1612-1684) and Elizabeth Stream (1614 - 1694) arrived on the Diligent in 1635. These were my 8th great-grandparents on my mother's side through the Lossner and Packard ancestry. At least we "think" this is so based on the common assumption that all Packards in the US originate from Samuel. We have not been able to establish a direct line. We do not know the parents of Shepard Packard 1818 - 1883), born in Easton, Ma. My Grandmother was his granddaughter, Clara Florence Packard (1882- 1957)

Lawrence Copeland (1599-1699) and Lydia Townsend (1630-1688) arrived about 1635. These were my 6th great-grandparents on my father's side. My father was Alden James Copeland  (1900 - 1967)

Shadrach Thayer (1629-1678) and Deliverance Priest (1644-1723) arrived in America Sometime in the mid 1600's. Jennie Marcia Thayer (1878-1900) was my grandmother (my father's mother) We have been able to trace the line from Shadrach Thayer.

The connections

William Copeland (1656-1716), son of Lawrence and Lydia Copeland married Marry Bass (1669-1726), granddaughter of John and Pricilla Alden. These were my 5th Great-grandparents.

One of their grandchildren, Zaccheus Packard (1693-1775) married Mercy Alden, great granddaughter of John and Pricilla Alden. Zacheus was my  6th great-granduncle.

In 1719 John Thayer (1686-1768) Married (2) Lydia Copeland (1692-1750)
John was a son of Thomas Thayer(1596-1665) and I am his sixth great grandnephew
Lydia was the grand daughter of Lawrence Copeland (1599-1699) and my 1st cousin 7 times removed.

Abigail Copeland (1744-1855) Married Sylvanus Thayer (1783-1842) on Dec 19, 1805. She was my 4th cousin, 4 times removed and he was my 5th cousin, 5 times removed.

Ephraim Thayer ( 1694-1780), grandson of Shadrach Thayer  married Mary Copeland (1692-1773 ) a granddaughter of Lawrence Copeland. Their daughter,  Mary Thayer (1725-?) married James Packard (1724-1824) A great-grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth Packard.

A 2nd great--granddaughter of John and Pricilla, Sarah Alden * (1734-1795), married Timothy Packard (1735-1782), a great grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth Packard.

Simeon Alden * (1740-1796) 2nd great--grandson of John and Pricilla married Mary Packard, 2nd great granddaughter of  Samuel and Elizabeth Packard..

Mehetabel Alden * (1732-?) 2nd great--granddaughter of John and Pricilla, married Joshua Packard ( 1730-1806) great-grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth Packard.

*In the last three marriages above, Simeon Alden, Sarah Alden and Mehetabel Alden were siblings.

The more recent melding of these families occurred in 1899 when Harvey Lewis Copeland (1875-1954) married Jennie Marcia Thayer (1878-1900). They were my grandparents on my father's side.

The most recent. juncture of the families occurred in 1931 when I was born, son of Alden J Copeland and Florence Lucile (Lossner) Cecora. Her mother, my grandmother, was Clara Florence Packard (1882-1957).


All the above information was derived from the book, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2002 except for the union of Abigail Copeland and Sylvanus Thayer which was found on One World Tree and the two most recent which came from family records.

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The Mingling of Family Lines

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