Cecora - Plefka
Family Reunion
Sept 2, 3 & 4, 2006

My maternal mother was identified in June of 2006 and I came to know that I had an older brother living in Cleveland, Ohio. This page describe the trip taken with my children to meet our Cecora family in Cleveland.

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Cecora - Plefka
Family Reunion #2
Sept 2, 3 & 4, 2006

The second meeting with my brother and part of the Cecora family occurred on September 2, 3 & 4, 2006 over the Labor Day weekend. Dan, Anne Marie, Tom & I traveled to Cleveland.

We were reunited with my brother Jim, his wife Peggy, their daughter Sarah and her children Daniel and Dominic.

On Saturday evening we were introduced to Jim's daughter Joyce, her husband Marty Kessler and their daughter Alice. Also Jim's daughter Joan Stein and our cousin Gay (Lossner) with her husband Ted Wands. We also met Sarah's husband John Ialacci.

On Sunday we met my brother Ken's wife Ann, their son Kim and his daughter Kelly as well as Peggy's cousin Mary. 

The events are recorded on the Current Events page for Sept 8 and in these photos. Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

Saturday Sept 2
Guarino's - Little Italy - Cleveland, Ohio

At the Head of the table -
Joan Stein - Jim Cecora's Daughter

Gay Wands (Daughter of Ken Lossner)
Jim Cecora
Daniel Cecora
  Marty & Joyce Kessler
(Jim Cecora's Daughter) &
Ted Wands

Don Plefka
  Ted &
Tom Plefka
Dominick Ialacci,
his dad John
& Peggy Cecora
  Dan Plefka &
Anne Marie Albano
  Anne Marie &
Sarah Ialacci
(Jim & Peggy's daughter)


Sunday Sept 3 at Jim & Peggy's house  

Joyce (Cecora) Kessler,
Kim Cecora
(Ken's Son)
Jim Cecora
Sarah (Cecora) Ilacci, &
Anne Marie Albano,
Tom Plefka
Dan Plefka,
Ann Cecora
(Ken's Wife)
Joan (Cecora) Stein
(Jim's Daughter)

Don Plefka

Jim & Don

Tom Plefka
Marty Kessler


Kelly Cecora with
her Dad, Kim &
her Grandma Ann
+ Don Plefka


Marty Kessler, Jim Cecora,
Dan Plefka & Joyce (Cecora) Kessler

Standing - Daniel Cecora, Mary (Peggy's cousin) & Daniel's mom- Sarah
Seated - Don Plefka & Peggy Cecora


Harry Ronald Cecora
(AKA Donald J Plefka)

The following story is the story of birth, adoption, searching and the finding of roots and branches. It is my story.

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Also see "Human Life" for an important aspect of my life.

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