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In November of 2012 I participated in the's Autosomal DNA study. (See

The initial results were that my ancestry origins are 88% from the British Isles, 9% from Eastern Europe and 3% undetermined. I knew this was somewhat unrealistic. Life did not begin in the British Isles and I knew that although a good number of my ancestors came from there to America, that the British Isles had been populated by people from various parts of Europe.

In early October of 2013 with improved testing methods and having a much larger database of tests,  the ethnicity estimates were revised. With newly defined categories my ethnicity was estimated to be less than 1%  North Africa , 98% Europe, and less than 1% West Asia. The main areas were further divided to sub-areas, particularly Europe.  The details follow along with my comments. Many areas overlap since people spread accross bounderies and boundries themselves tend to be fluid.

Africa <1%

Specifically this includes North Africa; Moroco, Algeria, Libya, and possibly Egypt. Less than 1% of my ancestors are from this region. The Moslem Moors from this region occupied Spain or parts of it from about 711 AD until they were finally driven completely out in 1492. Our North African ethnicity is probably the result of this occupation and filtered down with the Iberian ancestry.

Europe 98%

This breaks down as follows:

Great Britain 33%

This is the area that is now the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Wales. Most of my ancestors embarked from England to come to America and I have ancestors who were British Royalty. The British Isles are the funnel through which much of my ancestors flow and some of them have their origins there.

Europe West 31%

This encompasses France, Germany, The Netherlands, The Check Republic, Austria, Switzerland and the Alpine regions of Italy. The Anglo-Saxons (Germany) were early invaders of the British Isles and the area is known to have been the source home of many Britons. Our British Royal heritage connects us to French and German royalty. I do have ancestor that came directly from Germany (Saxony) to America (Mother's side)

Scandinavia 26%

This area includes  Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, all the land of the Vikings, who raided and then settled in Britain and the Normandy area of France from where they invaded the British Isles. This large percentage of Norse ethnicity seems to confirm our lines to these Viking roots.

Europe East 6%

This is Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, parts of Russia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through our French Royal Line there is a connection to Russian Royalty including St Olga of Kiev. History tells us of several Eastern Europe tribes that invaded Western Europe during and after the Roman rule of the area. I am sure that some of our Eastern Europe ancestors would have been a result of these incursions.

Ireland < 1%

Primarily found in: Ireland, Wales, Scotland. My family tree includes people known to be of Irish origin.

Iberian Peninsula <1%

This includes Spain and Portugal. Our French and British Royal lines connect with Spanish Royalty. This is also probably the link to North Africa and the Near East since there seems to be evidence of intermarriage between the Spanish royalty and the Moslem "Moors" during their occupation of the area.

West Asia < 1%

 Specifically this is the Near East (Mid East) including Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Lebanon, and Israel. Moslems from Damascus, Syria were one of the factions occupying Spain at one time and that may be the source of this ethnic connection.



More details can be found at


This is my personnel ethnicity, the combined ethnicity of my father and my mother. Since my siblings have either a different father or a different mother, their ethnicity is different. My children's ethnicity is also different because it includes mine as well as their mother's. But, I share some or all of my ethnicity with them. Genealogy gets complicated.

The DNA study seems to confirm the ancestor lines that we have found. It is a far cry from the 100% Bohemian that I thought I was before I discovered I was adopted. I will soon add pages covering French Royalty, Spanish Royalty, and Russian Royalty.



Grandpa Don Plefka
aka Harry Ronald Cecora
Oct 04, 2013


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