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The On-Line Chapel is always open and is a place of prayer, meditation and compilation for your convenience any time you need it. ... All are invited.

Peace be with you ... and with your spirit.

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After seeing the huge basilicas of Rome during my Franciscan Pilgrimage to Italy in 2005 we went to Assisi where we stayed at Casa Papa Giovanni. The chapel you see here was on the ground floor and I was privileged to be able to pray and meditate there on several occasions. Yes, the churches of Rome were beautiful and absolutely glorious in their grand tribute to God, reflecting His glory and Majesty. But, in Italy in the middle ages, the ground floor of buildings were the places where the animals were kept, the stables, while the people lived above on the 1st  floor of the living space and subsequent floors above. Thus, this chapel was found in a very humble place, not unlike the stable in which Jesus was born. There is a closeness found there, an intimacy with God that is not found in the grand edifices of Rome ... at least, that is how I perceived it. I found that the entire town of Assisi had this quality but this little chapel in particular ... a pervasive feeling that the membrane separating Heaven and Earth was very thin there. Thus, I choose to think of this holy place as our virtual chapel.

We can visit this place with the aid of your computers and the internet. It is always open so whenever you have the time and need a short visit with God it is there for you. It may be in the middle of a busy day or maybe in the middle of the night when your troubled mind refuses you sleep. Go to this virtual chapel for a retreat from the world or to recharge your soul. What will you find there?

There is the 3 minute retreat, new every day, thanks to the Loyola Press, where you can reflect on a bible verse and how it applies to you, concluding with a short prayer. There is a link to a resource for prayer ... a prayer for every occasion or need. You cant remember that prayer you knew so long ago and you need it now ... It is probably found there. There is the Daily Inspiration. Just that shot in the arm that you need to start the day or put it into perspective. We also feature a link to the web site of St. Julie Billiart Parish, where I have been a member since 1984 and where I discovered my spirituality.

There is also a portal to the plithy commentaries of Fr. Robert Barron. Find a subject of interest and get the Catholic viewpoint or explanation. There is also a link to everything you want to know about a particular saint. Along with all this you will find introductions to The Use the Internet Responsibly Crusade, The Order of St Isadore of Seville (Patron Saint of the Internet) and A Prayer Crusade for the Islamic People. Satisfy your curiosity about them and if the spirit moves you, join them.

Finally, there is a music video, or sometimes a selection of them, of sacred music, hymns or chants. Immerse yourself in them and be at peace with God and the world.

You are invited to go to the chapel to refresh your soul or enlighten your mind. It is a virtual chapel in which you become a little closer to God. Go to On_Line Chapel. A link will always be found with the other links at the top of this page. You can bookmark it on your browser and go directly there.


I had created an On-Line Chapel for the original St Julie web site. It entailed several pages and grew to be admiditly too complex. When the new St Julie web site was created the Chapel was omitted. but in late 2013 I was asked to re-create a much smaller chapel for the site, which I did. However, I was restricted in layout and content and was not satisfied with it for a number of reasons. When I relinquished my duties to maintain the web page I decided to introduce the virtual On-Line Chapel to these pages. I hope it is well received and even more than that my wish is that it be of value to others.


Grandpa Don Plefka
January 16, 2014
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