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How to read this web site.
One of the many things that comes along with wisdom (age) is the  awareness that not everything I have to say is of interest to everyone.
(or, ...sometimes anyone).

Knowing that, and accepting that, goes a long way to being content and "right with the world". Self importance can lead to misery. (or even things like 'road rage'.)

There is no single right way to view this web site. In fact, it may be impossible to see it all without missing something. The way you view it, and how much of it you will view, will depend on how well you know me (if at all) and what your interests are. 

My intent is that my visitors get something of value to them from these pages. I do not expect that everyone will like, or agree, with all that is here.

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When you 'enter' my 'World', you can click on the knight which will bring you to the Current events page. This is where you will find the latest information and my thoughts from the past week. You will also find links to various other web sites and a quote that caught my eye.

The Web Site Directory is the place to find everything on the site. My filling system isn't perfect and things don't always fit neatly into categories. And ... categories often overlap.

Pick and chose according to your interests.


How to Navigate the web site.
The primary method of navigation is by using 'links'. If it is blue and underlined, it is usually a link. Most links will take you from the current page to a new page. Some links, however, open a new page, leaving the current page open beneath it. This is so you can find your way back, especially if you have gone to a new web site. Just close the new window to return.

Ships will take you someplace. If in the middle or at the bottom of a page, board (click on) the ship to go to the top. If you are at the top, board the ship to take you to the previous page in the series or to the Home page. The ships were, at one time the primary means of navigation. But since you were often sailing in a fog, they are being phased out in favor of the Directory. 

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The Web Site Directory is the place to find every subject on the web site. It has been categorized according to my imperfect and sometimes incomprehensible reasoning. Be diligent and drill down into the drop down menus. There may be something of interest there.

A thumbnail (small photos) will take you to a full size photo when you click on it. The full size photo will open in a new window so just close it to return.

New windows will not open if you use one of the many "pop-up killers" which are  available to prevent the adds found on many web sites. So, if you click on a link or thumbnail and nothing happens, press the Ctrl or Shift key and try again. If that does not bypass your "pop-up killer", check the instructions that came with it. You can safely disable the "pop-up" killer  when in Grandpa Don's world. There are no pop-up adds here.



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