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 I fancy myself as being Grandseigneur Grandpa Don.  An elegant, urbane gentleman. with noble ancestry and great wealth of friends and family.

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The world compares me to my neighbor, but God compares me to my former self.

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Mathew 5:24
Leave your gifts there at the altar, go first to be reconciled to your brother, and then come back and offer your gift.


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Through Christ our Lord,


Be kind to one another
with brotherly love and honor"

Rom. 12:10

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"…All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well"

Julian of Norwich




The plan is to update this page every Friday.
Life doesn't always go as planned.

Happenings and thoughts of the past week
in the World of Grandpa Don ...

Last Saturday was a day of heavy rain, thunder and lightning. It was so bad that even the geese were walking. I watched a large gaggle of geese walk in the drive between the condos across the street until they got to 157th St. but instead of crossing, they walked up the slope of grass alongside the building and disappeared from view.

News from California ... Joelle posted this ...

I want to give a much overdue shout out to my sister and brother-in-law, who, without hesitation, opened up their home to my family of three, plus our rambunctious puppy AND my parents and grandmother. We have been here since Monday the 9th, when this nightmare began. I honestly don't know what we would have done if we didn't have them.

In an emergency, family draws together. They are together under one roof as families of yore were.


 People are like stained glass windows:
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in,
 their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 



We don't shine unless we let our inner light shine through. Our purpose in life is to add light to the world. A little light from each of us will make this world glow with beauty.

Tom and Liz visited on Sunday. They wanted to go out to dinner but I had begged off due to my stomach situation. Instead they brought a pot of delicious chili. Yes, chili! It was obvious to me that when I described my stomach problems to my son that I was less than clear. I had tried to be delicate and polite and obviously he didn't pick up on the fact that I had been having stomach cramps and loose BM's. But fortunately my symptoms had abated considerably and I really enjoyed the chili. They brought cheese, Sauer cream. corn bread and chips to go with it. I opted to garnish my bowl with the Sauer cream and it was delicious and, to my delight, well received by my digestive system.

I had washed some clothes which were in the dryer and I asked Tom to throw them in a basket and bring them upstairs for me. But he found more dirty laundry down there and washed it all. Thanks Tom. My laundry is now done for the week.

We toped off the evening with some TV watching and I went to bed tired and needing sleep. It was almost 10 AM when I finally got out of bed. I enjoyed the last of the zucchini bread for breakfast and took my coffee to the living room for my conversation with God and Anne. The stomach still gave me some discomfort but a nap took me and I regained consciousness at about 12:30.

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Our California contingent of the family reports "Mandatory evacs lifted in Sonoma. Can't get back soon enough!"

And, they did get back to their home where everything smelled of smoke but other than that there was no damage. Thank you, God.


They did discover that all packaged food that was in the house had to be discarded because smoke had infiltrated the packages and everything had to be washed to get rid of the smoke. As can be seen in this photo, smoke is still a problem. They have installed an air purifier.

Monday was uneventful. That's good. My stomach was still a little tender but BM's closer to normal. Sorry to bring that up but at my age it is important and part of life.


We don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future.
The future is an infinite succession of presents,
 and to live now as we think human beings should live,
 in defiance of all that is bad around us,
is itself a marvelous victory.

Howard Zinn

As time goes on I see more and more of the truth in that statement. Every day completed is a victory of sorts. It is great when completed well and that becomes the goal of the day every morning.

Walgreens mail service has become a thorn in my side while, at the same time, it keeps me alive or at least, is supposed to. Last week I ordered two prescriptions. One was a straight forward refill on their web site. The other was a new prescription sent to them by one of my doctors. I received a confirmation of both orders. But then nothing happened. Neither one appeared on the "Pending Order" page of the web site. But they did appear on the reorder list as having been filled on 10/11/17. I finally went on "Chat" with a representative who told me they were "on hold pending additional information from me" and was given a phone number to call. I made the call and after doing phone calisthenics got to talk to a real live person who told me they were scheduled for delivery on the 27 of the month! Why so long? I want them NOW! That conversation ended with a promise of expedited delivery. But can I believe it? When Prime Mail Prescription Service was running the show everything ran smoothly.

What is reliable is my cleaning service. Mary Beth and Mary were right on time Tuesday and went right to work. You have never met more caring, dedicated people. Yes, their jobs can be considered menial but their services are essential to me. Obviously I highly recommend MaidPro. If you need cleaning services tailored to you specific needs call them at 708-873-9044 or look them up on line for a location near you.



Our walls of division
do not rise all the way to heaven.

Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow


Of course not. That's because we are all children of the same God. Why is that so hard to recognize and remember? Why is it that so many of us hold ourselves to be superior to others just because of complexion or language. It isn't logical. But who ever said that logic has anything to do with anything?

Tuesday afternoon Dan picked me up and we went to see the oncologist. Anne Marie met us there. I described the stomach problems that I had been having the previous week and he told me that he had found evidence of diverticulitis in my recent PET scans. However, I was having loose BM's not constipation. In any case, I was symptom free by Tuesday. It will be something for which we shall watch.

He has come up with a treatment plan for my cancer. I will take pills twice a day for two weeks and rest a week then keep repeating. They give up up to 4 pills at a time but he will start me on two to see how I tolerate that dosage. After a time he will either increase or decrease the dosage. His nurse will contact us and set up a meeting when she will educate us on the possible effects of the treatment and how I am to take the pills.  He has already told me that it will not cause hair loss. Arrangements will be made to get the pills to me.

If I do not tolerate the dosage at all, an option is to invasively "burn" out the infected spots and be done with it. However there are risks there that he wants to avoid. We left his office confident that we are on the right track.

From the doctor's office we went to MO's Chinese Restaurant and I got my Mongolian Beef. Delicious! I took home enough for two more meals. It was Anne Marie who took me home and we watched TV for a while. She took one of my kitchen chairs for Dom to fix. One of the glued joints had come apart and he had fixed other chairs in the past. My kids take care of all my needs. 



If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life
is “Thank You,” it will be enough.

Meister Eckhart


Telling God "Thank You" is an act of worship of the highest order. It admits our reliance on Him and His ability to control everything.

After a good night's sleep I awakened Wednesday a little after 8. Downstairs I prepared two perfect Sunnyside up eggs, zapped some pre-cooked bacon and heated an English muffin, Delicious. While my daughter was here Sunday she set up the coffee brewer so all I needed to do was press the button and I had fresh coffee to share with God and Anne in the living room. I was felling quite well with no problems and the morning went quickly. For lunch I finished Sunday's chili. Delicious!

The afternoon was employed at the computer, doing some research and playing games. I also went back to the living room and finished my current Kindle book on the iPad which brought me to dinner time. I had considered going out to the garden but it was just a little too cool for that. Dinner time came and I heated half the leftover Mongolian Beef. Again, Delicious.

I had received a call from Stacey, my former Seattle Sutton provider. She had four days of meals that she could give me but I told her to give them to someone else. We had a nice conversation and I told her what was currently going on in my life. She is a nice person and I hope she does well in her business. But having tried Seattle Sutton meals, they are not for me.

It was a good day as any pain free day as any pain free day is. I am still waiting for my prescriptions hoping that they will be arriving soon. I have a decent supply of nanopen needles but I have just started a new insulin pen with only 2 left in the refrigerator. That will hold me for several days and if I don't get them from the pharmacy, I'll ask the doctor for some samples to hold me over. I am not worried that I will be without insulin.                                                                                                          



Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love.
 It will not lead you astray.

Jalaluddin Rumi


People are giving me money:

Your Credit from the Apple eBooks Antitrust Settlement is ready to use
Dear Donald J Plefka,
You now have a credit of $18.68 in your Amazon account. Apple Inc. (Apple) funded this credit to settle antitrust lawsuits brought by State Attorneys General and Class Plaintiffs about the price of electronic books (eBooks). This new credit is in addition to any previous credit you received from the settlement.

You do not have to do anything to claim your credit. We have already added it to your Amazon account. We will automatically apply your available credit to your next purchase of qualifying items through, an Amazon device, or an Amazon app. The credit applied to your purchase will appear as a gift card in your order summary and in your account history.

In order to spend your credit, please visit the Kindle bookstore or Your credit is valid for six months and will expire on April 20, 2018, by order of the Court. If you have not used it, we will remind you of your credit before it expires.

If you have any questions about your credit, please visit or contact Amazon customer service.
hank you for being a Kindle customer.

 So, having finished my last book I ordered a new one and got it free.

Some thoughts on "taking the knee". ...
It is not easy for me to stand but, if in public for the playing of our National Anthem, I will stand with my right hand over my heart in respect for the anthem, the flag and my country. No, it is not perfect, nor am I for that matter, but in this action I am pledging my loyalty and gratitude for citizenship. It is much like the oath I took when enlisting in the Navy during the Korean War. (A war that has never officially ended). We DO NOT intentionally dishonor our flag or nation just because we are not satisfied with some aspect of life in the US. That is what elections are for and in an election we find the place for expressing our problems. There is a place for everything. It would seem to me that taking any other stance than standing with hand on heart is renouncing citizenship and to do so should cause deportation to the country of choice (If they would accept the individual).


Many of those who are thus "objecting" are objecting to a lack of respect for their race or ethnicity. Yet they use a lack of respect as a tool for their objections. You can not fight a lack of respect with a lack of respect. You fight evil with goodness. If you want respect, you give respect, it is a mutual thing. It is the only way to right a wrong. To get respect, one needs to be respectful and respectable. I do not respect multi millionaire football players who dishonor My anthem and My flag.



Human beings must always be on the watch
for the coming of wonders.

E.B. White


There are help numbers and there are Help Numbers. I found a new one for Walgreens. At first the recorded message told me what I did not want to here. My prescriptions were scheduled to be shipped on 10\27. Ridiculous and unacceptable. That is what I was told two days ago before they promised to expedite the order. When I was able to actually speak to someone she agreed that there was no reason for the delay and if they could get it out today, I would have delivery tomorrow by FedEx. She told me that someone was working on the order as we spoke. But because it needed to be refrigerated and go over night, if they couldn't get it out today it would ship Monday and I would get it Tuesday. I can live with that. I just hope they follow through. I only take this stuff to stay alive.

When I look back at my life I see how blessed I have been, sometimes in spite of myself. When Anne was born to eternal life, I thought that my life was over. What would I do? Why would I exist? How would I exist? But then life took hold and everything changed. I made a life changing pilgrimage to Assisi. and after that a granddaughter asked about my family tree. I gave her what I knew of my adopted family but what about my birth family? I knew my birth name was Harry Ronald Cecora but that was all. Finding The Adoption Database (  I sent them what little I knew. That was a Monday. The following weekend they contacted me and put me in touch with my brother Jim Cecora and his wife Peggy. This was my mother's family and she was Florence Lucile Lossner Cecora. The rest is history. With Peggy's help, I found the Copeland's, my father's family. He was Alden J Copeland. I went to Cleveland and met with the Cecora's and the Copeland's. You can read the details of all this at

In the months and years to follow I discovered amazing things about my ancestry ... Mayflower passengers ... royalty ... knights & Lords ... ancestors going back to antiquity,,, Saints ... and a scoundrel or two. ... even Viking stock. It has been an amazing adventure and all after I thought my life was completed and over.

All this only goes to confirm: 

"Human beings must always be on the watch
for the coming of wonders".
E.B. White



Gratitude is so close to the bone of life,
pure and true,
that it instantly stops the rational mind,
and all its planning and plotting.

Regina Sara Ryan


Anne Marie is hosting Thanksgiving this year. It could be at her house or mine. Tom and Liz will be away on their "honeymoon" trip but My sister-in-law, Peggy will join us. She had intended to take the Mega Buss from Cleveland but since picking her up downtown is such a hassle, We will send her plane tickets and Dom will pick her up at Midway airport. Tickets are cheap and it is only a 1:15 flight. Much better than that long bus ride. I look forward to seeing Peggy again. It has been a while.

Friday has been a good day so far. I was up at 8:30 and had a biscuit  and gravy for breakfast. (It must be the "country boy" in me.) At noon it was Brats and beans. Delicious! I may get out to the gazebo this afternoon if it reaches the mid 70's as predicted. This week, I have been feeling better and stronger every day. I plan on keeping it up.

So I thank God for this week in this life of mine. It has, for the most part, been a good one. (Still no prescription, but hopeful) I will be starting Chemo soon but the doctor promises to go easy on me, adjusting my dosages to what I can tolerate and having other options available. I will see the Chemo nurse on Wednesday to get started. I ask God to watch over me and guide me as I progress ... and I will progress!

As always I ask you to join me in prayers for those in need of God's healing grace. May God be with us all.

I emphatically and repeatedly proclaim ...

I Am Blessed
 I Am  Anointed 
I Am Overjoyed


Holy God, 
help me to conduct myself today so that the world may catch a glimmer of your presence

Grandpa Don Plefka

Grandpa Don

Be Nice
Anne wanted everyone to
 "Be Nice".

Anne ... my buddy
Anne Marie Lawler Plefka

The Lady of My Life

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