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SEX and the Moslem Fundamentalists

What I want to talk about is why sex is a factor in the Moslem Fundamentalist's hatred for the US. It is one of many factors but an important one.

God made the opposite sexes attractive to one another. He made it so that there would be a desire to "increase and multiply". Along with this attractiveness and desire, there needs to be responsibility and with that comes restraint.

In the western world at this time, we tend to flaunt this attractiveness. In doing so we have to rely on the self restraint of the opposite sex in order to be responsible human beings. I will consider the male point of view. Men must respect women. They must restrain their natural inclinations. Most do, but some do not. 

The Moslem Fundamentalists have a different solution. Believing that it is almost impossible to restrain themselves when the attractiveness of a female is there, they solve the problem by covering all females completely.  They also try to relegate women to the home and to limit interaction with women outside the home. They try to eliminate temptation completely.

Then comes western influences into their country. At this time in history, it is in the form of American presence with military basses, oil companies, or other workers and executives. It comes in the form of television, radio and the internet. It all goes against their solution to the problem of sex. They feel we are forcing our way of life on them just by living it.

It does not occur to them that thy can not possibly eliminate temptation and they should be concentrating on self restraint. But that, in our view, is what they do not have. Their inability to deal with temptation is the same as their inability to deal with ideals which differ from theirs. If they can not deal with it, it must be wrong and it must be eliminated. It is perfectly logical to them and since they are basing their beliefs on God's will, then those who oppose them are working for the devil. That's us! They know they are working for God. 

Being lost in their man made rules about dealing with sex (and other things) they forget about the teaching of Mohamed. They forget about caring for their fellow man, just as we forget the teachings of Jesus and get wrapped up in how we must worship Him. We have our radicals as well as they do. We have had the Inquisition, the Crusades and Witch Burning, just to mention a few. We now have "Christians" who can not tolerate other Christians. We have Catholics who believe other Catholics are condemned by God because of differences in adherences to man made rules of worship. Do we even know what is important?

We can't tell these radicals to emulate our way because our way has been a lot less than an adequate solution. Look at the record of sex crimes, and our attitude toward sex. We glorify it, flaunt it, and act as if it is the prime goal in life. We have replaced God with Venus. To many it is an obsession. The worst part is that to many, this is not a problem.

The world must go to the basic principles of God's word:. LOVE (not lust), forgiveness, and care of our brothers and sisters. And in the process, we must learn self restraint, not only in sex, but in life. Let us not have so much pride, that we believe only we know the mind of God. It must start with each of us before we can convert the world. And we MUST convert the world, not because we can not possibly kill all those who disagree with us, but more importantly, because God would not want it done that way. 

I am not making excuses for terrorism. The terrorists are wrong and must be stopped. But, I can understand how they got on their misguided path. I also know that this is only one of several factors in the problem.

Grandpa Don

(I almost fell of my soapbox.)

2005 addendum:

A recent TV interview regarding various religious beliefs about heaven revealed (to me) that Moslems believe that sex is a very important to their heavenly reward. A Moslem martyr would expect to be given 27 virgins as his heavenly reward. These virgins presumably would be created explicitly for the purpose of sexual reward in heaven.

The Christian teaching is that since procreation is no longer necessary in Heaven, the pleasure of sex is replaced by something far more satisfying. We do not extend earthly pleasures into the life hereafter. Although, having no concept of what heaven is like, we often (mistakenly) project our earthly pleasures to heavenly pleasures.

djp 01/06/05


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SEX and the Moslem Fundamentalists  

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