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The Flag Was Still There ..

Hear O Lord, the sound of our crying, broken hearts, and distressed spirits, trying to understand the complexity of this horror.

As a result of this tragedy, you have opened the broken hearts of your people. You have removed their stony hearts with hearts of flesh, with loving compassion you have challenged your people to look at their prejudices', expose their fears,. and to reach out to all those who call America home.

Nothing other than your loving kindness endures, your holy covenant to the nations through Abraham, countless descendants, confronted in this sacrilege to acknowledge that you, Yahweh are the Lord of history, that your beloved Son Jesus Christ is the Messiah, King of the Nations,.....the Suffering Servant who makes his presence known even there amidst the destruction and human suffering , in the outpouring of caring so evident in each place where the evil one assumed his was the victory.

There, the Franciscan priest went from the safety of his rectory as Fire Chaplin to administer the last rites, and he became the victim, and was carried by other fireman into the sanctuary of his church. From the ashes have risen the souls of the lambs to your sanctuary, as a fragrant offering, to disperse the hatred of the terrorists, a resolve by the American people , that the symbols of their constitution ring true.

From the highest point of the World Trade Center, the mast that held the flag of your great country, was hurled to the depths, but even there , it was hoisted amid the rubble,. the Flag was still there. Yes we see the light of hope rising again, because the nation has been forced to acknowledge that you Heavenly Father are the foundation of that legacy from the Revolutionary Days that granted your Independence.

We your brothers of the nations pray for your endurance, as the symbol to freedom, Lady Liberty with her arm uplifted with the torch of welcome,.. still greets us to your shores

Contributed by 
John Renaud, President 
Canadian Catholic Radio

September 11, 2001

A Memorial

This event in the history of the world is so momentous and important that it needs a special page on this web site. Some of what is found here  is shared from other sources and some is the result of my thoughts inspired by the events and their aftermath.

The Flag Was Still There ..

The World of Grandpa Don 

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