The World of Grandpa Don

A Great Sacrifice......

Images of terror coming from the sky,.........utter destruction.....
Only You, Father of Christ , give meaning to this sacrilege.. 

..May your dwelling place be their resting place....

..may the suffering of those injured, the emotional distress and financial woe inflicted on the families of those deceased, be comforted by medical personal, and other caring individuals, compassionate hearts .

************************* every Mass and Eucharistic Adoration, Heavenly Father ,..our prayers come before you. we members of the Catholic faith communities in the universal Church,

.... join our prayers with other faiths for those now departed.


..The Lord Our Shepherd.. 

The Lord is the shepherd of those who died,... giving them repose in His Sanctuary,

Bringing them into His Presence, the Banquet of the Lamb. He refreshes their souls with intimacy.

He turns their moments of terror into everlasting joy in His loving kindness.

He anoints them with the salvation He has offered mankind in His beloved Son.

Father, guide us in the right paths for the sake of Your Son,

As we walk through this dark valley caused by the hatred of a few,

Remove any hatred from our heart with the knowledge that you are at our side.

Help us to confront the evil that exists in the world for you are always with us.

As with Moses in the desert, You have given us Your Holy Spirit,

And the rod and staff of Your sacramental presence as our spiritual food,

The leadership of the successor of Peter, Pope John Paul ll.

Father, each day you call us to service, to build relationships, to heal and comfort.

You have formed us a priestly people, members of a royal priesthood of believers to offer spiritual sacrifices 

To Your Glory.

Each day you gather us to the Eucharistic Banquet of Your Son, a New and Eternal Covenant.

Heavenly Father, may the Body of Christ, be a light to mankind of the tolerance and friendship,

That can exist between different races and cultures.

We offer our prayers for the families and friends of the departed souls.

Have mercy on them , loving Father.

Receive the souls of the innocent with your loving kindness,.. into Your Presence..

..yours in Christ.. John Renaud, 
Windsor, Ontario
Canadian Catholic Radio

September 11, 2001

A Memorial

This event in the history of the world is so momentous and important that it needs a special page on this web site. Some of what is found here  is shared from other sources and some is the result of my thoughts inspired by the events and their aftermath.

A Great Sacrifice......

The World of Grandpa Don 

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