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It has been two years since 9/11/01

Click here: Remember the Blood of Heroes...

The above link is a tribute to the unintentional heroes of this tragic attack on our nation and our way of life. Neither is perfect, ... but it is ours. Those who died and suffered that day and the days following did not intend to be heroes but it was forced upon them either by their just being in the path of evil or by their actions afterward.

This is often found in the course of life. It should remind us not only of these victims, but it should be a reminder of the need to live our lives as if those lives may end unexpectedly and without warning.

It should also be a reminder that there are people who have misguided notions of who God is and what God wants. By our lives, we must try to convince them that God (our God and their God is the same) is a God of love.

At the same time we must realize that we may never be able to reach these misguided people by peaceful means. Unfortunately, that means we must revert to force to prevent a reoccurrence of their evil deeds.

Let us all pray that their leaders see the light and turn away from violence against those who do not agree with them. And let us pray for their victims until they do.

Don Plefka
November, 2003

September 11, 2001

A Memorial

This event in the history of the world is so momentous and important that it needs a special page on this web site. Some of what is found here  is shared from other sources and some is the result of my thoughts inspired by the events and their aftermath.


The World of Grandpa Don 

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