The World of Grandpa Don

How can I tell you I love you

How can I tell you I love you
Without ever really knowing
Your name or your age,
Or your favourite colour?

I donít know what you want to be when you grow up
Or whether you have any brothers or sisters
I donít know where you hide when you feel scared or lonely.
I do not know who your best friend is.

How can I express
That these tears that are welling inside me,
Because I love you?
And how can I tell you
That this swelling in my heart and
this lump in my throat
is a product of my feeling of affection for you,
When we donít even speak the same language?

When weíve only known each other
For a week
For a day
For a minute.

And how can I let you know
That I care for you
So much, as much as
Any friend or any human
I have ever met.

I canít believe I feel this way,
All I know is I want to give you
Everything you desire,
Anything under the sun.

How can I tell you I love you
When I donít even know you?
I can give you a sticker
Or a shirt,
Or a hand to hold
Or a hug.

Because its dawning on me
That the reason I feel love
For a complete stranger,
Is because God loves us all.
And it is His love that brought me here
To help complete strangers
And His love that connects us with
Our own expression of love.


My friend Don Hall passed this on to me. It was written by one of his students, a participant in the schools D.R.E.A.M.S. Project, helping people in the Dominican Republic.  You may have noticed the British spelling of this Canadian teen but more remarkable is her insight to the working of God's love in us ... if we let it. Thanks Jessica. Thanks God.



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How can I tell you I love you.

The World of Grandpa Don 

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