The World of Grandpa Don

He Made Me Whole

In the darkest corner of my soul
a light is shining now,
where a gentle, caring Jesus 
has found His way somehow

Why He ever wanted to -
is more than I can see.
So many times I've let Him down.
Not once has He failed me!

I'm filled with love and gratitude.
for I know His guiding light
will see me through each trying day.
and every lonely night.

Where there was once an emptiness -
my life is now - is whole,
since a kind, forgiving Jesus
found His way into my soul!

Doris A. Orth

I have been telling people that I have a feeling of contentment, that I feel at peace with myself and with God. 

The sketch above, by Jean Keaton,  is a perfect picture of my state of mind and soul. 

The poem is from one of the booklets that Anne left for me. When I read it yesterday this picture came to mind. 

Together they describe my present relationship with God.

Grandpa Don Plefka

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He Made Me Whole 

The World of Grandpa Don 

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