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Prayer for victims

Oh most gracious and loving Lord
We pray for all those who who have died
as the result of mankind's evil acts 
against their own brothers and sisters.

You sent your Son to teach us your way,
a way of love and care for each other.
In response, we nailed Him to a cross.
We have closed our ears to your message.

Help us to mend our ways.
Help us to live with compassion and love
for our brothers and sisters.

And Lord, for those who have died 
as the result of violence or neglect,
we ask that they not be judged 
by their human weakness,
but in your infinite mercy,
grant them a place in your heavenly kingdom.


Don Plefka

I have been praying since the Sept, 11, 2001 terrorist attack using words similar to this. On Palm Sunday Marianne Reiner told me of the Chicago Tribune web site which remembers the 9/11 victims and suggest a link to it on our parish web site. In the process of installing the link, I formalized this prayer. 

We need to include in our prayers all who are victims of man's evil and also ask that mankind put aside this evil as a step toward building the Kingdom of God.

The web address is:


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Prayer for victims 

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