The World of Grandpa Don

Grandpa Don's Prayer

All loving God in Heaven,
Your people on Earth are in trouble and we need your aid.
We have abused the gift of free will,
and have strayed from your purpose and will.

As You turned the heart of your child, Saul, on the road to Damascus,
We ask that You influence the hearts of those who persecute people of peace.
Bring them back to the origins of their faith,
To work for peace, harmony and love.

You have created a world that is good,
With resources enough for all.
We are all Your children,
Brothers and sisters with a common goal.

We call you God,
Remind us all of your command,
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

We call you Elohim,
Teach us again,
"What the Lord doth require of thee: Only to do justly, 
and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God ..."

We call you Allah,
Bring us back to your word,
Islam's man gives his substance 
"... to kinsman, orphans, the needy, the traveler, beggars ..."

We call you Buda,
Instruct us anew to have,
"Boundless heart toward all beings."

We call you Brahman, 
Renew in us the knowledge 
... that a man judge all, by
"Looking on his neighbor as himself." 

We, your children, ask that you fill us with the Spirit of love.
Instill in us a desire to learn from each other.
Remove from us distrust and hatred.
Give us the wisdom to see good in each other,
and not to strive to bend our brothers to our way.

May we live our lives as an example of your love,
So that those of little or no faith in you will be drawn to you through us.
In this way, we shall build your Kingdom,
A Kingdom of love and compassion.



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Grandpa Don's Prayer

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