The World of Grandpa Don

He Made Me Whole

In the darkest corner of my soul
a light is shining now,
where a gentle, caring Jesus 
has found His way somehow

Why He ever wanted to -
is more than I can see.
So many times I've let Him down.
Not once has He failed me!

I'm filled with love and gratitude.
for I know His guiding light
will see me through each trying day.
and every lonely night.

Where there was once an emptiness -
my life is now - is whole,
since a kind, forgiving Jesus
found His way into my soul!

Doris A. Orth


Graphic used with permission.
Jean Keaton

I have been telling people that I have a feeling of contentment, that I feel at peace with myself and with God.*

The sketch above, by Jean Keaton,  is a perfect picture of my state of mind and soul. 

The poem is from one of the booklets* that Anne left for me. When I read it recently this picture came to mind. 

Together they describe my present relationship with God.

This entire web site is dedicated to telling the story of my journey and the love that brought me to this time in my life. It has been a great voyage with many ports of call, some beautiful and some not, but all contributing to the progress and to to the present. At first, I wanted to plot the course and steer the boat but I finally learned to trust the Heavenly Pilot. 

Anne went on ahead to our destination. The last leg of the journey is not far and the way is smooth. I am enjoying the voyage as I anticipate the destination.

Grandpa Don Plefka

*    See     "I'm Having the Time of My Life"
*    See    
A Feeling of Well Being and Contentment 
*    See     "My Favorite Time of Day" for a little about the booklets

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He Made Me Whole

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