The World of Grandpa Don

No Shortcuts

"They" tell us:

All are shortcuts to success!

Well, the performance improvement will be temporary at best and may even be damaging. The weight will return. The only one to become a millionaire is the guy who got my ten dollars. We will not be able to make up for knowledge lost. And, What little is in my bank account will be gone as soon as I send them the account number.

The reason that the well worn road is there is that it works! It will always get us to our goal. It has been tried tested and used by those who went before us. The shortcuts would be well worn paths if they really worked. But, there are brambles, pitfalls, and steep hills on the shortcuts.

It was P. T. Barnum who said that "there is a sucker born every minute". Someone who will make the huckster rich by buying his snake oil. The hucksters are still out there and they are multiplying. They thrive on  greed or desire for instant gratification. They won't tell about the side effects of their product because that would cut into sales and enormous profits. 

"If it sounds too good to be true, ... it is". We should not seek instant gratification but should seek the long term goals and invest the effort necessary to attain them. But, ... also be careful of the goals. God has given us gifts and talents. We must discover these talents, ... develop them, ... use them and most importantly, ... share them. Everyone is different because no one can do everything. With everyone sharing their God given talents, we could have a perfect world. That is something for which we should strive.

Let us pick a noble goal, that of making this a better world. In working for that, the honors and riches will come. They are the side effects of a noble cause. However, short cuts, being based on instant gratification, are not noble and are counterproductive.

There are no short cuts to achievement and success. There are no shortcuts to Nobility. And, ... anything less than Nobility is failure!

Grandpa Don


My Beliefs

These are presented in no particular order but are listed as they come to mind. They are mine and I do not intend to impose them on anyone else. If you come to accept them, I am happy to share them. These beliefs have been accumulated during my entire life but mostly during the most recent years. They come out of personal experience, and the teaching and influence of others. 

No Shortcuts ... 

The World of Grandpa Don 

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