The World of Grandpa Don

A Human Life ...

I am a former fetus, 
a fetus which was unplanned ...
and not convenient to the lives of its parents.

A mothered who cared, gave me to a mother and father who needed me. Their lives were changed forever.

The lives of my children and grandchildren were made possible.

The good that I have done was not discarded. 

The lives and contributions of my three children were saved. 

The lives of my nine grandchildren hold the promise of the future.

How can anyone chose to throw this away?

Donald J Plefka
(Born; Harry Ronald Cecora, 
May 6, 1931)

On Christmas Eve, 2001, I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV. For the first time in my life I connected the movie's story with what I have written above.  I know I did not save a town from ruin or anything that dramatic but I was struck by Clarence's statement that the life of each person touches and effects the lives of many more. It is truly a Wonderful Life. Thank You God.

Also see How I Became Grandpa Don and Cecora.


My Beliefs

These are presented in no particular order but are listed as they come to mind. They are mine and I do not intend to impose them on anyone else. If you come to accept them, I am happy to share them. These beliefs have been accumulated during my entire life but mostly during the most recent years. They come out of personal experience, and the teaching and influence of others. 

A Human Life ... 

The World of Grandpa Don 

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