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An Angel Walking Out the Door


I saw an angel walking out the door

As her hair slightly swayed in slow motion,

And her feet turned her figure into the water of a peaceful stream.

If a strand of hair fell from her head that day,

I would have lifted it from the ground swearing

Not to tell the world what was been left behind,

For I would treasure it in an empty box only to open

In times of hardship when I would need comfort knowing

That the things that are said to be so far away are

Quite possibly standing right by my side.

She knelt in a room of traffic that was driving

On a road exchanging pleasantries and taking the risk of

Becoming bloodshed but she never would have seen her killer,

For her eyes were closed in a prayer of worship.

Electricity was going through my skin and bones,

Cornering my eyes into a place where I could no longer run,

And I became the individual of an innocent arrest where

Freedom could be the only possible verdict given in trial.

This isnít misery at all because this is the best day of my life

And I know this soft-spoken heart will never beat in a position of power,

But I hope that what I have witnessed can leave behind,

Even the smallest legacy to a generation that

Will look at me not as I am now,

But at a different age.

I saw an angel walking out the door and

She has spoken to me just by her actions that

Show me along with anyone who tries to see,

That there is a heaven and a love greater than

Any other thatís waiting to be found.

Andrew Hall


Poetry of Life

This page includes poetry which, in my view, conveys an important message or meaningful thought.  I want to share these words with you. 

An Angel Walking Out the Door

Andrew Hall

The World of Grandpa Don 

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