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A Tribute - 90 Years
Love & Dedication

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Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa Hall

90 years is a lifetime
That only few people live.
But when they do itís a gift;
A gift only God can give.

90 years and still alive,
Still going strong with a
Heart that beats inside.
90 years is a long way;
A long way to look back.

But when you have walked
This long stretch of road,
There is no reason to stop walking,
Because you made the right turns.
90 years is a number
That people only dream of
And will never get to see.

But youíre living this dream,
And you have 90 years to treasure.
90 years to look back on
And call your own.
So happy 90th birthday and
May there be more to come.
Take one day at a time
And look forward to 91.

                                                                        Andrew Hall



I wrote a book for my Dad's 90th birthday in 2004

February 4, 2004 

Happy 90th Birthday Dad, 

Recently when I was asked how you lived such a long, healthy life,
I knew the answer had much to do with the fact you have been
blessed with the gift of a deep faith in God, a loving wife, Alice and
family, a sense of humor and having a good set of genes doesn't

Dad, you always enjoyed sharing with us your dream from the
night before. Often, this brought you back to your roots in the Ottawa
Valley with a set of tattered, leather reins across the palm of your
hands or the firm grasp of the worn handle of a cross cut saw. With
a team of powerful Clydesdale horses, you tilled the sandy soil at
Sheridanís Rapids, thrashed grain, cut pine logs in the bush at
Ladore, boiled sap up on the maple ridge and trapped mink and
muskrat down along the shoreline of the Mississippi River.
One of the wisest moves you ever did was marry Mom and with
her support, venture on ahead for greater opportunities for yourself
and the education of your children. A few years after your honeymoon
in Niagara Falls, you and Mom were drawn back with Tom and
yours truly tagging along.

Knowing the grueling physical work you did on the farm, itís no
surprise that you were a natural tackling construction jobs in Niagara
Falls which included rebuilding St. Thomas More Church after the fire,
custodial work in the schools, and landscaping to name a few of the
many jobs you held simultaneously to support your growing family.
Although you were not a young father with Jack, Ron, Dan and
Rosemary rounding out the backcourt, we never once heard you
commiserate about being tired or exhausted. By the grace of God,
you never complained about the trials and tribulations but rather continue to grow closer to both God and your family throughout life. "The difficulties we face can be used as stepping stones--carrying us to
where God desires us to be ... near Him."

When your meals were long out of the oven and hastily eaten in
the bleachers at local ballparks, it was only something we noticed
because it was never an issue for you. Dad, you were always there
for each of us no matter if it was helping to deliver ninety copies of
the Niagara Falls Review in the rain, quietly cheering us on at a ball
game or helping us build a bird house. One ideal that I still shoot for
is to tap the university degrees I have received as well as you have so
successfully done with your education.

Thank you for showing us the profound message that our life is the
greatest sermon weíll ever preach; use words only when necessary.
You personified what is truly important in life by dropping to your
kneels at the end of each day in silent prayer. You gave God permission
to mold and transform you, and it has made all the difference in
the world.

Thanks also for honouring me with the gift of bearing your name,
Ellis. It is a gift I will always treasure. Your youngest grandchild and
our son, four year old Anthony Ellis Hall carries that same remembrance and soon will appreciate what a name you have passed down to us.

Some of the most memorable labors of love I have ever experienced
come from rubbing shoulders with you building the log cabin
at Sheridanís Rapids, and having a hand in creating this publication
which is an awesome out pouring of love from all your family and
friends on the joyous occasion of your 90th birthday!
I love you, Dad.
God bless you and your special day,
Don Ellis Hall


Poetry of Life

This page includes poetry which, in my view, conveys an important message or meaningful thought.  I want to share these words with you. 

A Tribute - 90 Years
Love & Dedication

Andrew Hall
Don Ellis Hall
February 4, 2004

The World of Grandpa Don 

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