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 Through a Writer’s Eyes

Andrew Hall
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 I spend my time writing
These words of rhyme.
I let the words come from my soul,
And let my hand and pencil take control.
I let these words flow
Like drops of snowflakes
Forming into snow.
And how much will fall is a question
No one will ever know.
Because when I start,
There may be a few.
But when I look back at the end,
I realize these words grew
Into something beautiful with meaning
And something that is true.
So when I write these words of rhyme,
I allow my words to flow
And when it’s done,
I have a work of art to show.
And with each day that passes,
My poetry will continue to grow and grow. 

      Andrew Hall 
 Copyright @ 2004
Used with permission

Andrew Hall lets us enter his creative mind in this poem written as an 18 year old. I find it to be the same process as when I put down my thoughts on these pages. I have an idea that I wish to convey and as I write, it expands, filling in the gaps and rounding out the rough edges.

However, I often take the time to speak to God and Anne about that which I have written and in the silence that follows I am prompted to un-say and re-say parts before offering it to you to read. Sometimes additional words come to mind which are then added. And yes, there are times when I realize that the entire matter needs to be kept to myself and it is put aside or just deleted.

Grandpa Don Plefka


Poetry of Life

This page includes poetry which, in my view, conveys an important message or meaningful thought.  I want to share these words with you. 

Through a Writer’s Eyes

 Andrew Hall 
 Copyright @ 2004

The World of Grandpa Don 

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