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A Kindness

The young mother was at Sunday Mass with two children and an infant in arms. The infant began to cry and was inconsolable. The crying soon turned to screams, an obvious distraction and an embarrassment for the young mother. To take the baby out at this point in the Mass would mean missing Communion and she would need to take the other well behaved children out as well.

Another young lady, we will call her Nancy (that's her name),  came from a few pews back, tapped the mother on the shoulder, held out her hands and said something. There was a few moments of thought and the baby was transferred to Nancy's arms. Nancy and the baby retreated to the back and out to the narthex.

The Mass continued and all was well. After the priest gave the final blessing and left the alter, the young mother stood for a few moments with her kids, looking around wondering where her baby was. There was no crying to give a clue. She then decided to head out to the narthex and that is the last I saw of her.

After the church cleared and the crowd in the narthex thinned, I headed out also. As I approached the doors leading to the narthex, Nancy was coming back in, wearing a big grin. Hello's were exchanged. She was going to retrieve her own kids and husband who were still inside talking with friends.

Later I found out that Nancy and the young mother were neighbors.  I don't believe I have ever seen Nancy without a smile on her face. She is active in several programs involving children and is a member of the Pastoral Council.

Nancy is one of those people who knows how to be a little more kind than she needs to be. Did she miss Mass because her kindness? No, I think that she did exactly the right thing. 

A true story



Be More Kind than You Need to Be ...

You are invited to perform acts of kindness whenever the opportunity presents itself. Help to make this world a better place. Some examples are recorded on this page. I will add to them as they are brought to mind



The World of Grandpa Don 

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