The World of Grandpa Don


A true story, but we will rename the subject "Clarence".

The plan was to make a quick stop at the pharmacy to drop of a new prescription for pickup the following day. There were other things planned and this should not take long.

As Clarence approached the counter, he was disappointed to see two people in line behind the person now being served. As he fell in behind them he was aware of a young woman hurriedly approaching and joining the queue behind him.

One customer finished and the next stepped up. There was a problem and a delay. Clarence detected a sigh and some shuffling of feet behind him. The lady was obviously in a hurry. When the current customer finally was served and the next person moved up, Clarence turned to the lady.

"You must have something a lot more important to do than stand here in line. I have all afternoon so why don’t you step ahead of me?"

Her face brightened and she replied, "Oh, are you sure? My husband and kids are waiting in the car and we don’t have much time to get to an appointment."

Clarence responded, "Nobody is waiting for me, go right ahead."

In a short time the harried mother was served by the pharmacist and as she hurriedly moved off she said, "Thank you so much sir". To which Clarence replied, "No problem, just do something nice for someone else some time." She stopped, turned, and responded, I certainly will!" and resumed her dash for the parking lot and her waiting family.

Clarence felt good, the young mother felt good and even the pharmacist gave Clarence a big smile. And someone, maybe the husband, or the kids, or a complete stranger, … or all of them were the recipients of a kindness from that mother as a result of Clarence’s little kindness. (It could spread through the entire world!)

So, … Be a little more kind than you need to be, at the next opportunity you get.

Don Plefka



Be More Kind than You Need to Be ...

You are invited to perform acts of kindness whenever the opportunity presents itself. Help to make this world a better place. Some examples are recorded on this page. I will add to them as they are brought to mind



The World of Grandpa Don 

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