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Adoption, a Statement

It is my hope that this page in Grandpa Don's World will influence someone to consider adoption as a option and as a way to turn a problem into an opportunity. 

For the pregnant woman, regardless of age or circumstance, who is in the situation of not being able to raise a child, the Adoption option is an opportunity to give the gift of life to a person of limitless future. It is the opportunity to turn an impossible situation into a noble deed. Regardless of the circumstances, a life is at stake and there is nothing more important than a future life. I am here and the grandfather of nine, just because I was loved so much that I was given for adoption.

For the childless, adoption is the opportunity to know what it is to have a life depend on you for love and fruition. It is the chance to be loved in return and to guide and support a child as that child matures into the future of humanity. I was a result of that kind of love and commitment.

Each day, as I remember the loved ones in my life, 
I pray that God welcomes to His Kingdom,
... the parents who gave me life, and 
... the parents who nurtured that life. 

I am beholden to them both for the choices they made.

Harry Ronald Cecora,
Donald J Plefka,
Grandpa Don, 
Adopted in1931 


Adoption Page

" ... as often as you have done it for one of my least brothers, 
you did it for me."

Matthew 25:40

This scripture passage has a special meaning for me and the story of my being adopted. I believe that adoption is a profound fulfillment of Matthew 25:31-40.
I started this page when I found two new cyber-friends who have views  common to mine on this subject. I found their stories to be exceptional. The page is expanding.

Grandpa Don

Graphic used with permission.
Jean Keaton

Adoption, a Statement

The World of Grandpa Don 

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