The World of Grandpa Don



Peace be with you ... and with your spirit.

Grandpa Don

Do you wish to stop receiving weekly update reminders to the What's New page of The World of Grandpa Don?

Just reply to the latest update notice and request to be removed from my Friends & Family List.

You will still be my friend or family member but will no longer receive the notices each week. Have no fear, No reason need be given unless you want.

I will not be offended.



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If you are a member of one of several organizations that forward my update email to its members, I will not be able to remove your address from their lists. I suggest that you use a utility (Outlook) to create a "rule" which diverts any incoming email with the phrase "World of Grandpa Don" in the subject line to your Junk Mail folder.

Thank you and may God be with you.

Of course I will miss you but I know that there are many reasons that would not want to get the reminders. Be it known that I will chose not to be offended by your request. Having said that, also be aware that if you have been introduced to my pages and wish to receive weekly reminders, just let me know. This is not an exclusive club.

Please respect the right of ownership of this page.